Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 12.10.2018

This week, the Ministry of Petroleum finally approved selling crude oil at Energy Exchange. National Iranian Oil Company said that it will offer one million barrels of crude oil at the market within the next […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 12.10.2018

Finally, after four months, the Parliament approved to comply with financial terrorism acts, provided by Financial Action Task Force, known as FATF. The approval of these acts became extremely controversial and until the very last […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 05.10.2018

The heavy fall in exchange rate which started on Tuesday morning, led to significant fall in Tehran Stock Exchange. The main index, TEDPIX, lost 3.8 percent on Tuesday and a further 1.8 percent on Wednesday. […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 05.10.2018

Probably in these days, there is nothing more important to Iranians than the exchange rate. Even school students talk about how much US dollar price goes up every day, or how unexpectedly it dropped! Finally, […]


70% rise in prices of potatoes and tomatoes

Exchange rate fluctuations have affected prices of almost everything in Iran. However, the price rise in some goods has been more controversial. This includes rise in prices of potatoes and tomatoes. Taadol newspaper reports that […]

National News Review

Ride-hailing apps to be banned from Imam Khomeini Airport

Snapp and Tap30, the two major ride-hailing companies in Iran, can not longer provide services to passengers from Imam Khomeini Airport. The Managing Director of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), Shahram Adamnejad, announced that after negotiations with […]