Week in Brief 16.03.2018

This week three ministers well called to the Parliament to answer the questions of MPs. All of them passed the test.

The interpellation of the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Ali Rabeii and the Minister of Roads and Urbanization, Abbas Akhundi, took place on Tuesday. The following day, it was the turn of the Minister of Agriculture, Mahmoud Hojjati. Finally, MPs voted not to impeach these ministers and they remain at their posts.

Mr Hojjati was criticized about the excess in some productions in certain areas, such as over-production of potatoes in Ardabil Province or shrinking tea plantation in Gilan Province. Mr Hojjati, however, noted the increase of 25 million tons of agricultural products over the past five years, reaching a total annual production of 122 million tons. He also pointed to the previously negative trade-balance in food in the food industry of 8 billion dollars which now has reached -3.1 billion dollars; i.e. saving nearly 5 billion dollars annually.

Although the Minister of Labor only stayed in his Ministry with two extra votes, Mr. Akhundi who was called to the Parliament for the third time obtained 154 votes in favor and 95 opposing votes (out of a total of 246 votes) and again received the vote of confidence. The Minister of Roads was asked about crisis management such the crashing of a passenger plane and the closing of roads.