Week in Brief 03.05.2019

Reports published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare show that during the past Iranian fiscal year the number of accidents during work has fallen by 6 per cent with respect to a year before, i.e. from 1396 to 1397.

According to this report, a total of 9886 accidents happened during work in 1397, which have injured 9996 workers. While 97.2 per cent of injuries were related to male workers, only 2.8 per cent of female workers were injured.

(Apart from the fact that women are more cautious than men according to the author) This difference can be explained when looking at most dangerous sector in Iran: construction sector.

Nearly 38 per cent of the total accidents during work has happened in the construction sector, where normally, in Iran, women are not hired.

20 million barrel of Iranian crude oil is waiting for clearance at Chinese harbor of Dalian. This amount of crude oil at today’s prices would bring Iran nearly one billion US dollars.

While this cargo of crude oil was received at Dalian harbor six months ago, China did not process it for clearance. At the time, China had the exemptions from the US side to buy Iranian petroleum.

Now that the US has confirmed not going to extend its exemptions for Iranian petroleum costumers, it seems to be very complicated to get this oil to China.

Iran was used to deposit its oil at Dalian harbor even during 2014 when the country was under US and EU sanctions. The petroleum was later sold to South Korea and India. Whether this time Iran is perusing the same strategy or not, remains to be seen.

The most successful crowdfunding startup in Iran, 2nate is going to stop its activities on 21 May 2019. 2nate in Farsi is read as Donate (2 is read as Do) and therefore the name was reflecting donation for projects with social empowerments.

2nate which was five years old has not explained why it is going to end its activities, however has given a brief summary of what is has achieved in its short life.

According to its website, 2nate has managed to raise funds for 427 projects worth 25 billion rials (about 179,000 USD at today’s exchange rate of 140,000 rials for one USD).

According to its founder, Mohi Sanisel, 2nate has managed to support building of more than 20 houses, 10 schools, 5 hospitals and 5 sport centers, etc, where more than 30,000 people were benefited of these achievements.