Transforming Kerman into a solar city

Mokran Solar Power Plant Complex in Mahan county, in Kerman Province, became operational. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Energy, Hamid Chitchian. This complex, comprised of two 10MW power plants, and was constructed with a 27 million Dollar joint investment by Mokran Solar Energy Co. and the German Durion Energy. The six-month-long project was managed by Adore Group.

Mr Chitchian said the capacity of the country’s renewable power plants has been more than doubled compared to four years ago: “The current capacity of renewable power plants is 420MW and this year (until 21 March 2017), another 600MW will be added to this capacity. The government has shown its interest in supporting renewable energies by setting incentive policies such as the guaranteed purchase of electricity from power plants”.

The Government is not directly involved with investment and construction of power plants and the entire operation has been relegated to the private sector.

The Minister of Energy pointed to investments from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, China and South Korea and said: “Last year, a one megawatt power plant was inaugurated but this year, two 7MW power plants in Shiraz and a 2MW power plant in Isfahan have come into operation. On recommendation from the Governor of Kerman, today the memorandum of understanding for the construction of 2000MW of solar power plants has been signed which will transform Kerman into a solar city.”

During this ceremony, Mokran Solar Energy Co. kicked off the project of building a 100MW solar power plant between Kerman and Bam in a 150 hectare plot.