Top Iranian exporters in 2016

The Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trades has announced this year’s top exporters, according to the previous Iranian fiscal year, i.e. March 2016 to 2017. Each company is graded based on its own industry. The top three companies this year were Iran Doostan Tourism and Air Travel Services, Farab Company and Iran Golab Company.

Iran Doostan Tourism and Air Travel Services was established in 1991 and specializes in attracting foreign tourists to Iran. Mohammadali Ashraf Vaghefi has been the CEO of this family run company since 1997.

Farab Company is a hydroelectric power plant contractor which began operations in 1992. In the past 25 years, they have successfully designed, built, installed, set up and delivered more than 50 hydroelectric power plants with a combined capacity of over 9000 Megawatts and they currently have over 2300 MW under construction. Other than Iran, Farab has carried out hydro- and thermal electric power plants in Kenya, Iraq, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Armenia.

Iran Golab Company was established in 1949 and since 1981 has been industrially manufacturing rosewater in Kashan under the Rabi brand. Rosewater or golab is a fragrant liquid which is produced from the distillation of roses and water and is used in cooking. The best golab is produced in Kashan.  Iran Golab Company has five branches and 18 representation offices and exports its products, including golab and rose essences to 30 countries. The company’s exports are valued at over 20 million dollars.