Too much noise in Tehran

Taadol newspaper has written an article evaluating noise pollution in Tehran. The most important source of noise pollution is transportation vehicles, and among them motorcycles have the greatest share of noise. Elham Karimi, a specialist at the Tehran Air Quality Control Company, stated that in many districts of Tehran, noise pollution exceeds the allowed limits for all groups (in excess of 70 db). For example, Golha Square near Ekbatan Residential Complex due to the takeoff and landing of airplanes and Basij Square near Afsarieh Highway due to the passing of heavy trucks have the worst situations.

The proximity of highways and residential areas adds to this problem. The construction of sound barriers alongside highways is one way to combat the problem which has limited application, first due to high costs (one million tomans per square meters) and height limitations (only up to 6 meters which only covers the first and second floors of buildings). Strict control over the installation of double-glazed windows and building bedrooms away from the street are other ways that can somewhat protect people from sound pollution.