Tehran Subway needs 2000 new cars

Line 7 of Tehran Metro which began operations in April, right before the presidential elections; ceased operations in November on orders from Tehran’s new Mayor due to incomplete safety systems. In an interview with Ali Emam, the CEO of Tehran Metro Company; Donya-e-Eghtesad newspaper writes: 22 km of line 7 although operational, lacked signaling and air conditioning systems which was dangerous. In order to equip and open this line by April, 3700 billion IRR ($100 million) is needed. For the remaining 5 km of line 7, construction has yet to begin and 20 trillion IRR credit is needed. With the completion of line 6 stretching over 32 km by March 2019; the total length of Tehran Metro will reach 224 km.

Mr. Emam states that there is imbalance between the development of metro lines and the number of cars. The current number of metro cars is currently a third of that required. Tehran Metro needs a total of 2000 new cars in four years, the manufacture of which demands a 100 trillion IRR (270 billion USD) budget.

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