Tax on purchases for over 5000 USD

Iran quotes the Chief of the Taxation Organization, Seyed Kamel Taghavinejad and writes that currently documents for the purchase and sales of currency over 5000 dollars should be sent to this organization. The law states that sending of documents is limited to transactions over 25000 dollars. This limit has been reduced to a fifth until further announcements by the Central Bank in order to limit dealers in the market. Mr. Taghavinejad has stressed that with help from the Central Bank a preliminary list of people who have exchanged more than 5000 dollars during the past months has been prepared and exchange offices have been required to provide data for the Taxation Organization.

Akhbar Sanaat writes that this year, for the second time, the banking system was to help with the renovation of industries via a plan valued at 100 thousand billion IRR. The plan was delayed by 9 months and in the end only 5% of the loans were issued and fro the 5600 industries requesting financial aid only 140 were able to receive loans. Meanwhile the government has issued two more plans valued at 400 thousand billion IRRs which have yet to show any results.