919 Km of new railway

Over 900 km of railway are to be completed by the end of the Iranian year, Iran newspaper reports. In addition, Iran and Afghanistanwill be connected via railway and the five provinces of Hamedan, Kermanshah, […]


Credit line for Tehran – Mashhad railway

Donya-e-Eghtesad announces the opening of a 7.1 billion dollar credit line in order to finance the electric train line between Tehran and Mashhad. This contract between Sanaat and Madan (Industry and Mining) Bank of Iran […]

Week in Brief

Iran Economy in Brief – No. 86

Banks under the Central Bank’s lens One month after setting banking interest rates at 15%, and with strict monitoring by the Central Bank, the composition of deposits in banks has changed. In a report, the […]


Indians and Koreans on Iran’s rail projects

The Ministry of Roads and Urbanization has announced the latest status of Indian and South Korean investments in Iran’s railway projects. Iran is in talks to finalize Indian investment for the Chabahar-Zahedan-Birjand-Mashhad rail project. Indian […]


A new record in railway expansion

The Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company (CDTIC) has announced that the speed of railway track laying has surpassed the speed of supplying the necessary equipment. Confirming that the previous annual record for railway […]

Week in Brief

Iran Economy in Brief – No 69

The same President for Iran; A new Mayor for Tehran Rohani wins the presidential election for the second time, giving hopes that the country would continue its international policies for the next four years. Due […]

Week in Brief

Iran Economy in Brief – No. 59

Norouz calls for sweets: Egg price rises Every March, approaching the Iranian New Year, Norouz, the increase in demand for eggs by confectionaries causes an increase in the price of eggs across the country. This […]


Iran and Azerbaijan getting closer than ever

Iran and Azerbaijan seek to expand commercial relations. The presidents of the two countries have met seven times in the past three year. In the economic conference between Iran and Azerbaijan, the Minister of Economic […]


Traveling with train? These routes are sold out

Although one month is left to the Iranian new year, Norouz, which starts on 21. March, many train tickets are already sold out. “Currently from the 1.65 million train-seats available for the Norouz holidays, 300 […]