Financial Sector

Hotels asking foreigners to pay in USD or Euro

Recently Iranian hotels apply a two-currency policy for their bookings; i.e. the Iranian travelers pay in rial, while the foreigners are asked to pay in dollar or euro. Hotel owners claim that following fluctuations in […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 05.10.2018

The heavy fall in exchange rate which started on Tuesday morning, led to significant fall in Tehran Stock Exchange. The main index, TEDPIX, lost 3.8 percent on Tuesday and a further 1.8 percent on Wednesday. […]


70% rise in prices of potatoes and tomatoes

Exchange rate fluctuations have affected prices of almost everything in Iran. However, the price rise in some goods has been more controversial. This includes rise in prices of potatoes and tomatoes. Taadol newspaper reports that […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 03.08.2018

The economy of Iran was witness to a number of events this week. The new Governor of the Central Bank, Nasser Hemati began work this week and Valiollah Seif handed over the position. Mr. Seif […]


Week in Brief 06.07.2018

The Central Bank of Iran has released a list of businesses which have received US dollars at the 42000 IRR per USD currency exchange rate. The list was published after numerous companies received foreign currency […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 29.06.2018

Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) continued rising until Tuesday, then it started to fall. It seems that the creation of a parallel market for exchange rate has been appealing to the exporters. They can sell their […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 29.06.2018

The Grand Bazar of Tehran is the beating heart of Iran’s economy. Eventually, after a long battle, the heart stopped beating on Monday. The passages in Grand Bazar of Tehran is always so crowded that […]

National News Review

30% growth in housing market

The price of housing in Tehran has grown by 30% compared with last year, and the western part of Tehran, especially small apartments have seen the largest growth. Shahrvand writes that the price of construction […]


Subsidiaries to control food prices

The Government to pay 4000 IRR in subsidiaries per each dollar spent to import essential goods. Iran writes, prior to the unification of the currency rate, essential goods such as corn, barley, soy and press […]


Currency crisis threatens power plant projects

Members of the Electricity Syndicate have warned the Ministry of Power that recent currency fluctuations will lead to 100 power plant projects shutting down which can lead to outages. Shargh writes, an industry which used […]