Price bubble at the automotive market: 30%

Automobiles have experienced a significant price hike in recent months in Iran. However, experts believe that due to low production costs, domestic automobiles should indeed be priced much lower. Ghanoon daily writes that Iranian made […]


Week in Brief 01.06.2018

A week ago, Citroen offered its C3 model manufactured in Iran. Amid extensive stagnation at various markets in Iran, 2000 cars were sold in few minutes to be delivered in six months. Previously, Peugeot pre-sold […]


Pars Khodro

Pars Khodro is an Iranian automobile manufacturer. Established in 1956, it was the first manufacturer of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in Iran. Formerly it was known as Iran Auto Making Company and changed its name […]


Smuggling of automotive parts worth $1.5b

Taddol writes that the Secretary of the Automotive-Parts Manufacturers Association, Arash Mohebbinejad believes that illegal imports as well as the imbalance between automotive imports and parts imports can lead to 50% of part manufacturers shutting […]


Businesses halt due to USD crisis

Iran newspaper writes that the foreign currency crisis has caused many businesses to halt sales. The trend began with household appliance retailers which presented the excuse that due to limitations in supplying foreign currency, they […]


Quality of automobiles in Iran?

Abrar Eghtesadi wrote an article detailing the questions asked by the members of parliament from auto manufacturers: How long do they need to manufacture a quality automobile? The article quotes Hamidreza Fooladgar, Member of the […]

Week in Brief

Iran Economy in Brief – No. 54

Plasco, Iran’s first high-rise, falls down Since the Plasco Fire Tragedy, which caused the first skyscraper of Iran to completely collapse, the Government is designing different plans to protect its business owners and employees. Almost […]