Tabriz looking to resume its ties with Germany

In a meeting with a German Commercial Delegation visiting the city of Tabriz, the Chairman of the Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Samad Hassanzadeh, mentioned Tabriz as the Capital of Tourism in Islamic Countries in the year 2018. Asrar writes that the Chairman introduced the city’s industrial potential including the automotive industry, the petrochemical industry, refineries and the food industry and welcomed widespread cooperation with Germany. Iran’s first technical and vocational school, Germany Technical College, opened in 1907 in Tabriz with the help of German professors. The province of West Azerbaijan has continental climate which creates suitable opportunity for agriculture yet there are concerns over water shortage issues. Mr. Hassanzadeh expressed great interest in cooperating with European countries in order to employ their technology to manage water consumption. Furthermore, investment in the Aras Economic Free Zone will grant 5% to 15% tax cuts.