Share of Iranian women in Internet businesses up by 45%

Iranian women

From each 10 Iranians, 7 are members of at least one social media. According to the latest report by Iran Center for e-Commerce Development, the penetration rate of using Internet in Iran by March 2019 has reached 81 percent, and the number of Internet users in Iran has been up 9.4 percent up respect to March 2018.

E-commerce in Iran has grown 30 percent and it was worth 2081 thousand billion rials, 18.4 billion USD (at market exchange rate).

There have been more than 1.1 billion online transactions in the past year, where 39% of it has been assigned to purchasing goods only and 35% for receiving services.

Another interesting fact in this report is the change in share of female and male online business owners within a year. While in the Iranian year 1396, i.e. March 2017 – 2018, only 9% of online business owners were women, this figure in 1397 (i.e. March 2018 to 2019) has reached 13%.

Tehran by far is the main host for online businesses where 48% of total business websites are located. Mashhad and Isfahan each with 8% share are the next cities and Shiraz with 5% is at the third place.