Russian Ride Sharing Company on Iranian Roads

Shahrvand daily writes that the success of Iranian ride sharing services such as Snapp and Tap30 in various cities has opened the door for foreign companies.

Maxim which is a Russian ride sharing company has been operating in Iran since six months ago. The service initially began competition by offering lower prices than rivals but has now matched the price of its main rivals.

Maxim started operations in Iran in late 2017. They began providing services first in the capital, Tehran, and then expanded to Karaj, Sari, Rasht, Qom, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas.

The Russian start-up company, Maxim, is considered one of the most successful ride sharing services in the world. Other than Russia and Iran, they currently provide services in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, etc.

Maxim plans to expand services to smaller towns where Snapp and Tap30 are not active. Currently Snapp offers services in 16 cities and Tap30 in 10 cities.

Maxim also plans to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering unique features such as “accurate maps”, requesting multiple vehicles, booking vehicles for set days and times, setting multiple destinations, requesting vehicles in other countries where maxim is active, etc.

Contrary to what has been claimed, Shahrvand writes that all of Maxim’s employees including those in IT and transportation are Iranian. The CEO of Maxim has stated one of their goals as creating jobs in Iran and they see no need to use foreign personnel in this company.

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