Ride-hailing apps to be banned from Imam Khomeini Airport

Snapp and Tap30, the two major ride-hailing companies in Iran, can not longer provide services to passengers from Imam Khomeini Airport.

The Managing Director of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), Shahram Adamnejad, announced that after negotiations with the two online ride sharing companies, some conditions were set for them to be able to continue operation in the airport. However, Tap30 and Snapp, the service providers, have rejected these conditions. Therefore, ride sharing services have been banned from Imam Khomeini airport and attempts will be made to seize their operation.

“There are currently 1400 taxis operating in the airport”, added Mr Adamnejad during a press conference on Sunday. “Meanwhile they provide services to only 800 customers every day. This means that we must set up special conditions for the taxis to be able to better provide services.”

Additionally he confirmed that in the following months, the problems with the airport taxis will be dealt with and a price increase is also planned.

Mr Adamnejad also gave news regarding the expansion of the Imam Khomeini Airport, particularly about Salam Terminal, a CIP (Commercially Important People) terminal under-construction.

As a CIP terminal, Salam, will have an open-counter layout eliminating the need for passengers to wait in long lines. The terminal has also been designed with expansion in mind, meaning that there is space to further expand the terminal in future generations.

“Salam” terminal project is of a Build, Lease, Transfer (BLT) form and so far up to 5000 billion rials have been invested on the project and according to IKA the project is advancing as planed.

Mr Adamnejad also disclosed plans to transfer a portion of domestic flights from Mehrabad Airport in Tehran to Imam Khomeini Airport in the outskirts.

Mehrabad Airport located in west of Tehran is the busiest airport of the country and currently only domestic flights are operated from there.

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