RAJA sells tickets on Telegram

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company, RAJA, has announced that train tickets can now be bought via the company’s Telegram Bot and paid for via the AP (Asan Pardakht) application in less than 50 seconds.

“Using a Telegram Robot is one of the best ideas for communication between users and ticket sales because of the step-by-step question and answer technique and the high data transfer speed. In the first day that this Telegram Robot was activated, it served three thousand customers”, said Mohammad Rajabi, the CEO of RAJA.

Previously, train tickets were only sold via travel agencies which had a specific allowance. Although tickets can still be acquired via travel agencies and RAJA, the Telegram Bot significantly improves the speed of issuing a ticket.

Aliasghar Vafajou, Director of IT and System Analysis at RAJA, continued: “The AP application and the @RajaTicketbot connect to the bank via Telegram Channels and allow users to purchase train tickets anytime and anywhere”.

“After buying their tickets, soon users will be able to book hotels with 40 to 50% discounts from among the country’s 5 star hotels using the same method”, added Mr Vafajou.

Telegram and AP have 40 million and 5 million users in Iran, respectively. Asan Pardakht Company went public in October 2016, with a capital of 1000 billion IRR. Less than a year later, in August 2017, Asan Pardakht increased its capital by 100%.