Power outages lead to massive losses for industries

Although unannounced power outages cause inconveniences for households, they lead to massive losses for manufacturers and industries. Taadol newspaper highlights the losses suffered by workshops located in industrial towns. The losses are the greatest for the food industries which rely on refrigeration and are at major risk due to unplanned outages. The private sector which is currently facing challenges due to the unstable economy and currency exchange rate is put at further risk as a result of these blackouts. In Abbasabad Indusrial Town, out of a total 1644 manufacturing shops, only 180 are operating at full capacity. Nearly 30% have completely shut down.

Since most industrial shops require more than 1 MW to stay operational, generators cannot satisfy their demands. Additionally, blackouts prevent them from pulling water from wells as the electric pumps are also suffering damage due to blackouts.

Most of these shops believe it is not possible to shift their working hours to nighttime as their workers will suffer problems with their commutes and workers are more prone to accidents during the night shift.