Potentials in Flower market for Iran

Iran is 17th largest producer of flowers globally. However, with lack of proper infrastructure, 40 percent of production is annually wasted, according to Gholam-Ali Ebrahimi, the Head of Flower Producer Association of Iran.

According to these reports, 2.7 billion flowers as branch, 3.2 billion other types of flowers and miniature trees and 700 million apartment flowers is annually produced. Mr Ebrahimi adds that although Iran has the possibility to export as much as 800 million dollars of different kinds of flowers per year, the export of flowers in the past year reached 98 million dollars only.

He believes that since the neighboring countries are mainly importing flowers, wining only 10 percent of their market could flow lots of money to the Iranian flower industry. However, difficulties in building proper glass-houses and transportation means makes it very difficult and therefore nearly half of the production is damaged before reaching the market.