Norouz calls for sweets: Egg price rises

Every March, approaching the Iranian New Year, Norouz, the increase in demand for eggs by confectionaries causes an increase in the price of eggs across the country.

Reza Torkashvand, Director of the Poultry Farmers Union, announced the increase in the price of eggs from mid-January to early-March: “However, bird flu, which has led to the destruction of a number of egg producing aviculture farms, has not caused an increase in the price of this product”, added he.

The price of eggs is expected to decrease in the last two weeks of the year. Each kilogram of eggs is currently valued at 65 thousand IRR (2 USD).

Annually 950 thousand tons of eggs are produced in 1700 aviculture farms across Iran. 90% of this is used domestically and 10% is exported. The majority of this exportation is to Iraq and Afghanistan. The spread of bird flu has reduced the exportation of eggs during the current Iranian fiscal year, i.e. from March 2016.

Regarding the halt on the exportation of eggs to neighboring countries, Torkashvand explained further: “With the advent of hyper acute bird flu throughout the country and due to safety protocols in importing countries especially Iraq and Afghanistan, the export of eggs was halted and is currently on hiatus.”

Aviculture farms have been thoroughly cleansed and exportation is expected to resume after the domestic market settles.