Markets in Brief 21.09.2018

The board of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), has voted for a new CEO. Dr. Hassan Ghalibaf, the former CEO, leaves TSE after 12 years. The new CEO, Ali Sahraii, has just been introduced and will take the lead on Saturday. Mr Sahraii was previously the Market Vice-president.

The Iranian capital market continues to have its positive days. Several industries experience growth; particularly Banking sector and Automotive industry.

Bank Tejarat’s share price has grew significantly over the past ten days, reaching 48% of return. Several investors queued to purchase 355 million shares on Monday, worth 330 million rials.

TSE’s main index, TEDPIX, raised 3011 points, i.e. 1.94 percent. TEDPIX stopped at 158072 points on the last trading day of this week. See the charts above.