Markets in Brief 20.04.2018

Since the middle of last week, the capital market seems confused and its dropping trend continues. In addition to the reforms in the FOREX market, the question remains as to whether the US will abandon the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. These uncertainties caused the Tehran Stock Exchange main index, TEPIX, to drop another 9.3% closing at 95,524 points. See the charts above.

The 11th International Exhibition on Exchange, Bank and Insurance (FINEX) opened in Tehran on Monday. In the opening ceremony, Shahpour Mohammadi, the Head of the Stock Exchange pointed to the return on investment being 25% last year as well as the reduction in the number of blocked symbols from 70 to 15. He also hopes that the remaining symbols will return to the trading board this year. He also announced that the fluctuation range will be revised. (The price of each share can only vary by 5% any day.)