Iran’s plan for reaching self-sufficiency in oil production

The National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) announced that only 17% of the gasoline used in Iran is imported.

Based on figures released by this company, 81.3 million liters of gasoline are used in Iran, of which 65.5 million liters are produced domestically. The usage of gasoline has grown by 7.9% compared to last year.

In a ceremony, introducing the new CEO of NIORDC; Mansour Riahi, the previous CEO, presented a report on gasoline use in Iran.

“22 million liters of Euro 4 gasoline are distributed among 8 cities. When the Persian Gulf refinery fully goes online, we will have the capacity to distribute Euro 4 gasoline to all cities,” said Mr Riahi.

He also mentioned CNG powered cars as one of the reasons for reduced gasoline imports and continued: “Currently, 21 million square meters of CNG are used every day. Without CNG we would be importing 21 million liters of gasoline.”

He claimed that the 3 billion dollar investment in the CNG sector has led to 24 billion dollars in savings on gasoline imports.

After heading the NIORDC for one year, Mansour Riahi handed the task of management to Alireza Sadeghabadi. Mr. Sadeghabadi announced the completion of the three remaining phases of the Persian Gulf Refinery as his and the NIORDC’s top priority.

The Persian Gulf Star Gas Condensate Refinery is located in Bandar Abbas and has a daily capacity of 360 thousand barrels per day. The Persian Gulf Star Oil Company is a governmental company and its main shareholders are: the National Oil Refining and Distribution Company, 18%; the Oil Retirement Fund, 33%; the Social Securities Investment Company and Indonesian SPC 49%.