Startups solution for Jobless university graduates in Iran

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There are nearly 6.7 million jobless university graduates in Iran, nearly 60% of the total graduates in the country. Annually, 800,000 new unemployed are also added to this figure.

According to Behnaz Aria, Vice-President of Kahkeshan Goup, an educational institute, the turnover in recruiting business globally reaches 500 billion USD, while Iran’s share of this market is about 5 billion USD.

Recently the number of startups to connect job-seekers and employers has been increasing in Iran. Some of the main platforms are IranTalent and Karan. Although it is possible for Iranian users to access and build a profile on international platforms like LinkedIn or Xing, due to sanctions and limited access to payment methods, it is practically impossible to use them to find a job or desired employment.