Iranian airlines cannot refuel in Turkey or Lebanon

Since the return of US sanctions, some Iranian airlines had difficulties to refuel in Turkey and some international airport in this country have refused to refuel Iranian aircrafts.

Taadol newspaper reports that now the trend has reached Lebonan as well and Lebanese Airport Company does not let Iranian aircrafts to refuel in its airports.

While the number of weekly flights between Iran and Lebanon are much smaller compared to those in Turkey, the problem sounds quite worrying for Iranian airlines.

There are 200 weekly flights between Iran and Turkey.

“Despite several negotiations, Iranian companies have not managed yet to get a permission to refuel in Turkey. Although some of them are ready to pay in cash, the problem still persists”, said the Head of Airline Companies Association of Iran, Maqsoud Asadi-Samani, tells ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency).

Only few Iranian aircrafts can fly back and forth between Turkey and Lebanon without needing to refuel. Most of the aircrafts have to land in Tabriz or Urmia, the two main cities on the Western border for this purpose.