Iran Insurance Company costs in covering pilgrims

Iran insurance company

The pilgrims to Karbala for Arbaeen Period have been all covered by Iran National Insurance Company, paying only 150,000 rials (1.2 euros) for their trip.
The Iran Central Insurance Spokesman, Qolamreza Soleimani, says that in the period of Arbeein, 103 pilgrims have died and more than 2000 have been recovered at private hospitals in Iraq or Iran. For which Iran Insurance Company (IIC) has paid 450 billion rials (10.7 million USD at Official Exchange Rate).
Supposing that 4 million Iranians visited Iraq in this period, as Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) has reported, then the total insurance fee of them has been 600 billion rials. But Mr Soleimani says that IIC not only did not make any profit from covering pilgrims, it also had a loss, still the company would continue for the next years as part of its Social Responsibilities.