Iran Economy in Brief – No. 42

Iranians eat their own bread!no42

In the current year Iran reached self-sufficiency in producing wheat again. There were 13.5 million tonnes of wheat harvested this year. However, the yield of wheat production per hectare in ten years has been reduced.

In Iran wheat is mainly used to produce bread, where bread makes about 1.7% of households’ expenses.

Iranian intends to bake their own traditional breads and industrial bread still remain minority.

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 American Sim-Card? You can still use it

After the agreement of Boeing with Iranian authorities, the American mobile operator AT&T announced that in a negotiation with a local Iranian mobile operator, its users who travel to Iran will be able to use their sim-cards and have access to mobile and data services.

Iranian partner, Rightel, has confirmed the cooperation and explains it as a further positive signal for both countries.

Rightel is the fourth mobile operator in Iran, the company was established by Social Security Organization in 2011.

Power Plants Become More Efficient

For the first time, waste of electricity in Iran will go below 10%.
Iran Power Generation and Transmission Company (TAWANIR) says that changing electricity tariffs and consumption schemes, in parallel to increasing the efficiency of power plants have made the system to reach such a great result.
Another important issue has been the payment models and Governmental incentives for power plants which have encouraged them to use the electricity in more efficient ways.
There are nearly 400 power plants units in Iran and 33 million registered households using electricity.