15% of global plastic waste produced in Iran

In spite of having 1% of global population, Iran is responsible for 15% of global plastic waste, writes Shahrvand. The use of plastic is on the rise among Iranians from using plastic table cloths and dishes to using plastic bags for shopping.

Statistics indicate that nearly 500 tons of plastic is produced in Iran every day. Since recycling and waste separation are not commonplace in Iran, almost all of this plastic waste ends up in landfills. In addition to damage to the environment, it has been estimated that each Iranian family loses 10 million IRRs per year as a result of plastic waste.

One of the largest areas where plastic bags are used are the farmer’s markets where an estimated 30% of plastic waste is produced. This has led to the Tehran Municipality and the Environmental Protection Organization to distribute biodegradable bags at these locations. Experts believe that plastic bags should be banned at all shops and replaced with biodegradable alternatives.