Export of shrimps: 2.5 times more

The export of shrimps since March 2018 until now, has reached 24,000 tones and is expected to top at 30,000 tones by the end of the Iranian fiscal year, i.e. March 2019. Nearly 2.5 times more than a year ago.

Last year a total of 38,000 tones of shrimps was harvested where 68 percent of it was exported and the rest was delivered to the local markets. The export of shrimps last year was valued at 150 million USD.

Iran Fisheries Organization (IFO) says that the wild-sea shrimps are normally offered at local markets, while higher quality of cultivated shrimps are exported. On average a kilo of exported shrimps from Persian Gulf costs 6 US dollar.

This increase in production is thanks to considerable improvements in yields. According to IFO, last year yield was about 3 tones/ha/year, while this figure has reached 4.2 tones/ha/ye.

IFO also announces plans for cultivation of organic shrimps in Persian Gulf to be launched very soon.

Total fisheries production in Iran from March 2017 to 2018, reached 1.2 million tones. Export of these products brought 506 million USD for the industry.