Energy Minister in Isfahan Province

A new 10 MW solar power plant in the Jarqavieh Sofla District (65 KM southeast of Isfahan) became inaugurated by Hamid Chitchian, the Energy Minister, this week.

This power plant was constructed and became operational in seven months in a 20 hectare plot with investment from Ghadir Energy and Electrical Power Holding in partnership with the Greek company, Metka and is valued at 550 billion IRR ($17m).

The Renewable Energy Organization of Iran has guaranteed to purchase the electricity produced in this power plant, as well as all renewable energy plants, for a period of 20 years. In this power plant, solar panels automatically detect and align towards solar rays while in other power plants constructed in Iran, solar panels must be manually adjusted.

The last large solar power plant to become operational in Iran was the 7 MW Persian Gulf power plant which became operational in December 2016 in Hamedan.

The Energy Minister also inaugurated the water distribution network for villages in Mobarake country in the province of Isfahan and said: “After the revolution, on average five water treatment plants have been built annually, which means 99 thousand cubic-meters has been annually added to our capacity. In the last four years, on average eleven water treatment plants have been built annually, increasing the daily capacity to reach 1300 thousand cubic-meters.”

Water distribution network in Mobarake provides drinking water for 24 thousand people across 22 villages and was financed from the 500 billion IRR credit assigned to water distribution networks for the villages of the province of Isfahan.