Week in Brief

Week in Brief 27.09.2019

Spotify provides its services in Iran too; good news for Iranians who wish to listen to music or Iranian singers who want to publish their albums on Spotify. Until now, accessing Spotify with an Iranian […]


Week in Brief 05.07.2019

Iran lifts visa requirements for Chinese tourists in order to attract more visitors to the country. While Chinese outbound trips reached 135 million in 2016, Iran’s share from Chinese tourists is barely 0.05 percent. In […]


Week in Brief 28.06.2019

Finally, the Ministry of Agriculture bans all provinces, except Gilan and Mazandaran, from cultivating rice. Cultivation of rice needs lots of water and apart from the two provinces in the north, i.e. Gilan and Mazandaran […]


Week in Brief 21.06.2019

Internet based businesses and the classical ones continue to struggle in different industries. While first taxi drivers were fighting against Uber-like ride-sharing companies, the fight has now been expanded to travel agencies and ticket selling […]


Week in Brief 07.06.2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has changed the regulations in the export of Iron-ore. From June 2019, only iron-ore producers are permitted to export this product and other traders cannot do so. The reason […]


Week in Brief 24.05.2019

Due to weather forecasts for heavy rain during this week, three dams around Tehran were partially emptied. Tehran Water Company CEO, Hassan Razavi, says that the dams, Taleghan and Mamlou, have been completely full, and […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 17.05.2019

For a week or so canned tuna fish was disappeared from the shelves of several supermarkets. A week later, shelves were full of new cans, with new prices which were doubled. The same holds for […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 10.05.2019

Café Bazar is an Iranian application store where Iranian users can download and install applications on their android devices. Since several Iranian developers do not have the possibility to offer their applications on Google Play, […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 03.05.2019

Reports published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare show that during the past Iranian fiscal year the number of accidents during work has fallen by 6 per cent with respect to a year […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 26.04.2019

Production of bi-fuel vehicles (gasoline and CNG) has dropped by more than 58 per cent in the past Iranian fiscal year, 1397, with respect to a year before, announces the Ministry of Industry and Trade. […]