Week in Brief

Week in Brief 17.08.2018

A common occurrence when visiting the doctor is their refusal to accept any form of payment other than cash. Refusing debit cards which is on the rise has only one purpose: tax evasion. Ghanoon writes: […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 10.08.2018

On Monday the US government snapped back the sanctions on several industries in Iran, including the automotive industry, aerospace industry, precious metals, etc. A day before the return of sanctions, five new ATR aircrafts of […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 03.08.2018

The economy of Iran was witness to a number of events this week. The new Governor of the Central Bank, Nasser Hemati began work this week and Valiollah Seif handed over the position. Mr. Seif […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 27.07.2018

Next week, the first round of US sanctions against Iran will take effect with Europe unable to present a clear solution yet. This issue may further increase the price of foreign currency. The Head of […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 20.07.2018

A study by an Iranian researcher, Javad Kazemitabar, at the University of California shows that around 12% of the Iranian cash flow is dirty money. Dr. Kazemitabar who gave a speech at the Center for […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 29.06.2018

The Grand Bazar of Tehran is the beating heart of Iran’s economy. Eventually, after a long battle, the heart stopped beating on Monday. The passages in Grand Bazar of Tehran is always so crowded that […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 22.06.2018

There is a country with financial difficulties to keep the money floating to interested investors; this is Iran. There is a bank facing financial crisis and serious wounds at its investment banking activities in the […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 15.06.2018

After the fall in the value of the Iranian rial, IRR, in April 2018, the Government unified the currency exchange rate of the dollar, hoping to control the currency market. Importers were asked to place […]


Week in Brief 01.06.2018

A week ago, Citroen offered its C3 model manufactured in Iran. Amid extensive stagnation at various markets in Iran, 2000 cars were sold in few minutes to be delivered in six months. Previously, Peugeot pre-sold […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 25.05.2018

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has released a report, indicating that the number of households run by women has been growing significantly over the last decade. From 21 million Iranian households, currently 3 […]