The Minister of Economy was impeached

Iran Minister of Economy was removed from office. On Sunday, Masoud Karbasian, the Minister of Economy was impeached in the parliament. After answering the questions, he failed to receive a vote of confidence and was […]


Germany urges an independent payment channel to Iran

It is almost clear: without a proper international payment channel to Iran, the nuclear deal cannot be saved. The German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, urges creating such channel between Europe and Iran, independent of the […]

Financial Sector

Devaluation of Lira may benefit Iran

The devaluation of the Turkish lira may benefit Iran. The Head of the Iran and Turkey Chamber of Commerce, Reza Kami believes that in order to give a definite answer, we need to wait for […]

National News Review

Hapag-Lloyd increases shipping cost to Persian Gulf

Shargh daily reports that German shipping company, Hapag-Lloyd intends to increase shipping cost to Persian Gulf. The shipping cost of each TEU (20 ft. container) from the Far East to the Persian Gulf is estimated to […]

Financial Sector

Incentives to make the stock market more attractive

The Minister of Economy presented solutions for making the stock market more attractive and attracting liquidity throughout the country. The latest reports from the Central Bank indicate that by March 2018, liquidity had grown by […]


Week in Brief 06.07.2018

The Central Bank of Iran has released a list of businesses which have received US dollars at the 42000 IRR per USD currency exchange rate. The list was published after numerous companies received foreign currency […]

Financial Sector

Indian Investments in Chabahar Port Will Continue

In order to persuade India to stop buying oil from Iran, the US has reached an agreement allowing India to invest in Iran’s Chabahar port project. At the same time, China has leased Pakistan’s Gwadar […]