Irancell invests in Iranian Messaging App

Irancell, the second largest mobile operator in Iran, is going to invest in GAP, an instant messaging app. GAP, which in Farsi means chatting, is a cloud-based messaging application which offers other social services, such […]


Russian Ride Sharing Company on Iranian Roads

Shahrvand daily writes that the success of Iranian ride sharing services such as Snapp and Tap30 in various cities has opened the door for foreign companies. Maxim which is a Russian ride sharing company has been […]


Startups to reduce traffic in Tehran

Donya-e-Eghtesad writes that Tehran municipality has introduced 32 start-ups which plan on reducing traffic and air pollution by reducing inner city travel by 10%. These start-ups are active in urban transportation, household shopping as well […]


Illegal use of visitor’s CPU to mine coins

Taadol quotes the Minister of Telecommunications, Mohammad Azar Jahromi, regarding violations by a number of websites which use the CPU of visitors to mine cryptocurrencies. Referring to this act as “Coding Theft”, Mr. Azar Jahromi […]

Financial Sector

USSD codes use to be stopped

While the infrastructure for money transfer with USSD codes were quickly developing, the Central Bank has announced that until such time that operators can guarantee the security of these services, the use by customers should […]


Chinese banks’ share acquired by Iranians

Akhbar Sannat newspaper quotes the Head of the Iran and China Chamber of Commerce, Asadollah Asgaroladi, announcing the Central Bank of China’s agreement and issuing of licenses for the Iranian private sector to purchase up […]


Businesses on Telegram Suspended

Referring to the official statistics from the Digital Businesses of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Donyaye- Eghtesad writes that 9000 digital businesses are run based on the Telegram Messaging application where 15% of […]


Iranian Startups and limited fund

In an interview with Mehdi Naiini, cofounder of Alopeyk, Ghanoon newspaper has covered the issues surrounding startups in Iran. Alopeyk, an online motorcycle courier service, started out with 60 full time motorcycle couriers and now […]


Mobile phones will be registered

The Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trades, with the assistance of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has finally carried out the mobile phone registration plan. The plan was introduced ten years ago, however […]