Only 2% of smuggled goods are discovered

In an interview with Ahmad Anaraki, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Committee on the Investigation of the Process of Combating Smuggling, Ghanoon writes that less than 2% of goods smuggled into the country […]


Reversing immigration trend

The Ministry of Labor is seeking to reverse the immigration trend from rural areas and this requires the creation of rural jobs. Taadol quotes the Deputy Minister of Labor, Hamid Kalantari and writes: “By the […]

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Iran enters preferential trade with Eurasian Union

After two years of negotiations, a preferential trade agreement was signed between Iran and Eurasian Economic Union. Based on this agreement, Iranian customs tariffs which were previously set at 19% will be reduced to 7.7%. […]

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Maersk leaves Iran

Although the European Union has announced plans to stay in the JCPOA, Maersk Shipping has announced plans to leave Iran. Mohammadhasan Dajmar, the previous CEO of the National Shipping Company has told Shargh: “Large companies […]


Travelers can carry only 5000 euros

This week, the Central Bank announced that travelers abroad can carry up to 5000 euros in cash out of the country and sums greater than 5000 euros must be declared at the airport or border. […]

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To provide safety on roads, insurance criteria must change

The Minister of Roads and Urbanization, Abbas Akhundi has proposed a restructuring in the insurance system in order to increase road safety. In Iran, contrary to many countries, insurance history is attached to vehicles rather […]

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30% growth in housing market

The price of housing in Tehran has grown by 30% compared with last year, and the western part of Tehran, especially small apartments have seen the largest growth. Shahrvand writes that the price of construction […]