Tehran offers oil cargo insurance to India

In order to keep its oil clients in Asia, Iran has started to offer cargo insurance to India, reports Reuters. Iran’s key market for oil located in Asia is under threat as the U.S. sanctions […]


Oil Ministry changes management duration

The Oil Minister, Bijan Zanganeh, is imposing four-year term limits for all top oil managers at state-run energy companies, writes Bloomberg. The new rule will take place since October 2018 and it will affect the […]


Iran replaces dollar by euro in its reports

Iran switches from dollar to euro in its official foreign trade reporting, writes Reuters, quoting the Central Bank governor, Valliolah Seif, saying: “dollar has no place in our transactions today”. France who tries to keep […]

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France reaffirms its commitment to Iran’s deal

Reuters reports that although the United States is trying to convince its European allies to revise the nuclear deal with Iran, but France has reaffirmed its commitment to the global deal. “The French position on […]

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Iran’s Leader apologizes for being behind in justice

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, acknowledges the recent discontent in the country and apologizes on behalf of the Islamic Republic for little progress in justice, reports Bloomberg. The Islamic Republic has known progress in the […]


Armed forces must pull out of energy business

Armed forces and the largest state pension fund must withdraw their holdings and sell their businesses, announces the President Rouhani as the only way to save the country’s economy, repots Bloomberg. The divestment will start […]