Ban on fishing sturgeon in Caspian Sea

Fishing sturgeon in Caspian Sea is forbidden until the end of 2019. According to Iran Fisheries Organisation, the ban started in 2010 and was supposed to continue for five years in order to give time to sturgeon fish to recover. Then the ban was extended every year after 2015.

However, the latest reports presented at the Conference on Caspian Sea Resources in Baku, show that despite such bans, the population of sturgeon fish in the sea has not increased significantly.

“Each country around the Caspian Sea will have a fishing quota only for research and reconstruction purposes”, says Morteza Mehran-Pour, International Director of Iran Fisheries Organisation. “Industrial fishing and export of sturgeon fish in 2019 is forbidden and must remain zero for all members”.

On the southern part of the country, however, Chinese fishing is quite active. Several Iranian newspapers have recently reported on “Chinese industrial fishing” at Persian Gulf.

Ghanoon Daily writes that two Chinese fishing boats were halted in Sistan and Baluchestan waters last week who had not the proper fishing permissions.

This is while Iranian fishers are complaining that Chinese activities in their waters are so vast that they have no chance of fishing anything.

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