50 Years Natural Gas



As the National Gas Company of Iran celebrated its 50th anniversary, the CEO, Mr. Araghi, held a presentation in Tehran Chamber of Commerce to summarize their achievements over the last three years.

Above 90% of urban areas and 70% of rural areas in Iran have access to natural gas, the main source of heating and cooking for Iranian households.

Now as a priority for NGC, is to provide gas for residents in Zahedan city, the capital of Sisatan and Balucistan Province, located on the east-south of Iran.

The 200 Km pipeline to Zahedan has been awarded to several different contractors, however, after ten years it is still unfinished.

Currently there are nearly 300000 Km of pipeline all over the country, and the number of households having access to gas is about 24 million, i.e. 70 million people.

Gas is a main source of energy in Iran and makes 70% of energy basket. As it is much cleaner compared to oil and coal, its share in providing energy to power plants has been significantly increasing over the last years.

In the Iranian fiscal year 1392, i.e. March 2013-2014, the share of natural gas as fuel in all plants in Iran was 35 billion m3 from the total 70 billion m3. For the current year, 1395, this share has been increased to 65 billion m3.

This means also saving huge amounts of petroleum and the potential of turning it to petrochemical products with higher added value.

The CEO of NGC, Mr. Araghi, believes that to involve the private sector more in the economy, “out-sourcing” is the strategy of the entity he leads. Therefore, NGC welcomes local and foreign contractors who are willing to work on many projects this state-owned company plans.

NGC aims to change its role from a “distributor” to a “consumption manager” in the energy sector of Iran and to reach its goal the company is determined to allocate its resources efficiently and out-source whatever is needed.