Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 16.11.2012

  Although this week SWIFT announced to have cut access of Iranian banks to its systems, including Iran Central Bank, later the US Treasury Office announced that four Iranian banks have been exempted from sanctions. […]


Week in Brief 16.11.2018

Despite the return of US sanctions on Iran, importing soy pressed cake and oilseeds has increased to Iran. The main reason is the trade war between the US and China. According to Animal Food Producer […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 09.11.2018

Despite the start of the second round of US sanctions, Markets reacted quite indifferently toward them. Tehran Stock Exchange passed a slightly positive week. TSE’s main index, TEDPIX, gained 1733 points respect to a week […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 09.11.2018

The unemployment rate among women has always been greater than that of men in Iran, like several other developing countries. The main reason is the difficulties women face to enter the job market. The Centre […]