Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 21.09.2018

The board of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), has voted for a new CEO. Dr. Hassan Ghalibaf, the former CEO, leaves TSE after 12 years. The new CEO, Ali Sahraii, has just been introduced and will […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 21.09.2018

New foreign exchange rules have quite confused both exporters and importers in Iran. In order to keep the supply of foreign currencies in the country, the Central Bank of Iran has requested all exporters to […]


Afghanistan bans importing goods from Iran

Fearing from the US sanctions, Afghanistan bans imports of four category of goods from Iran, targeting mainly metal and petrochemical products. After the imposition of the new round of sanctions against Iran by the US, […]


Unlicensed builders wont get loans anymore

Unlicensed builders will no longer be able to receive construction loans by 2021. One of the problems in the Iranian housing market over the past year has been the reduction of available houses resulting from […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 14.09.201

Trades at Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) registered a new highest record; on Wednesday its main index, TEDPIX rose nearly 6500 points, i.e. 4.4%. Several companies from the steel industry faced long queues of investors. After […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 13.09.2018

With the return of the US sanctions against Iran, Europe activated the blocking regulations to support those European companies who wish to retain their business relation with Iranian partners. However, as it was already expected, […]


Drought and heat hit Pistachio yield

Pistachio season has arrived in Iran, yet growers are complaining about the low Pistachio yield of production and the unprecedented rise in the price of pistachios. This had led to fears of losing shares in […]