Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 29.06.2018

Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) continued rising until Tuesday, then it started to fall. It seems that the creation of a parallel market for exchange rate has been appealing to the exporters. They can sell their […]


Waterless Carwash in Tehran Grabs Attentions

An Iranian waterless carwash startup which washes vehicles on the spot has thought of a novel idea to attract customers. Rain warranty, meaning that if it rains, up to 24 hours after having your car […]

Week in Brief

Week in Brief 29.06.2018

The Grand Bazar of Tehran is the beating heart of Iran’s economy. Eventually, after a long battle, the heart stopped beating on Monday. The passages in Grand Bazar of Tehran is always so crowded that […]

National News Review

Iran bans import of thousands of goods

The Central Bank and the Ministry of Industry have update the list of banned imports to Iran. The new list finds 1139 times. The new decision is based on the government policy of only issuing […]

National News Review

Tehran Grand Bazar closes after 50 years

Tehran grand bazaar closes after nearly 50 years. The shopkeepers of Tehran grand bazaar closed down shops on Monday morning in protest. The protest which started at the grand bazaar soon spread to nearby neighborhoods. […]