Week in Brief 09.03.2018

The Minister of Road and Urban Development and the Minister of Labour will go to the parliament next week. MPs have given them ten days to prepare for the interpellation. This is the third time, Abbas Akhundi, Minister of Road and Urban Development is requested to answer the MPs’ questions over the past five years. Drowning of Sanchi Oil Tanker, the collapse of Tehran-Yasuj flight and snow-fall which left the roads and airports blocked for days, are the recent incidents which encouraged MPs to call Mr Akhundi for the third time.

 High unemployment rate, particularly among the university graduates and huge deficits at the Social Security Funds are among motives for which the Minister of Labour, Ali Rabiei, is supposed to provide explanations. Mr. Rabiei, says that his Ministry annually responds to over 300 million personal requests and its limitations are known to the MPs.

On the other hand, the Parliament rejected the proposal of the Government to cancel the personal subsidies in the form of monthly payments, neither permitted it to increase fuel prices; the two main costs for the Government. In this situation, it is not clear how the Government should satisfy the expectations for creating new jobs and finishing the civil projects.