Iran insurance’s debts to Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has announced that commercial insurance companies have over 10 trillion IRR debt to this ministry; 80% of which is the debt of Iran Insurance Co. Shargh quotes the Ministry spokesperson and writes, in the near future it is possible that those who are injured in automotive accidents and are covered by Iran Insurance will be made to pay for emergency treatments. By law, since 2006, the resources to treat the injured were provided from the 10% passenger and third party insurance. However, for more than 10 months Iran Insurance, which covers the majority of automobiles in Iran, has not only refused to pay its shares but has denied the delay.

Habib Mirzaie, Deputy of Inspection at the Central Insurance Co. has said that Iran Insurance provides coverage for the families of veterans and martyrs and has been unable to collect its debt from the government. Thus it has been unable to pay its shares to the Ministry of Health. He also emphasized that Iran Insurance Co has a debt of no more than 6000 billion IRR.