Relative of politicians will not be hired

Etemad called the order by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare as a turning point in improving organizational structures in Iran. In a directive, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Ali Rabiei has ordered his managers to avoid any unofficial relations with influential political figures. He emphasized that any violation will lead to the immediate termination of the related manager. Thus, the hiring of people, related to political figures has been banned in the government and governmental companies.

This week, the parliament announced that annual salaries below 276 million IRR (7,500 USD) a month are exempt from taxes next year. The income tax rate for government and private employees, from 276 million IRR to three times this sum is 10% annually. From three to four times this sum the tax rate is 15% annually; up to six times this sum, 25% and higher salaries will incur a tax rate of 35% annually.

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