Obstacles in the oil industry

Domestic and international opposition, blocking branding of gas stations and lack of hiring of elite specialists in the oil industry are the reasons that the Ministry of Oil has stated for the lack of development […]

National News Review

20 thousands deaths due to air pollution

Shahrvand writes that the annual use of 55 million cigarettes causes 57 thousand related deaths. Alireza Reisi, Deputy Minister of Health, said that the low retail tax on cigarettes cost the country’s healthcare system 200 […]


Refueling? Take cash with you

Ebtekar reports that if you plan on visiting a gas station, you should carry cash. Since Shaparak Co., a Central Bank of Iran subsidary, who provides POS services (Point of Sales), has changed its payment […]

Financial Sector

France provides credit line for exporters to Iran

France opens a credit line for Iranian clients of French exporters, report Reuters. The line will avoid US dollar and any US passport holder, confirms the state-owned investment bank, Bpifrance. Credits will be available in […]


Week in Brief 02.02.2018

It was a surprise that for the first time after the Islamic Revolution, the parliament rejected next year’s budget bill. A number of representatives have said that the unfair allocation of budget to cities is […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 02.02.2018

This week Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) became 50 years-old. TSE began operations in 1965 with two symbols being traded. Today, the market value of more than 588 traded symbols is approximately 108 billion dollars equal […]