Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group Company

Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group Company (IIPGC) is an investment holding company, founded in 2011, specializing in the petrochemical industry. IIPGC aims to become a major market player, by acquiring a 20% share in all of […]


Mobin Petrochemical Co

Mobin Petrochemical Company (MPC), the largest centralized utilities in Iran, is located at the first phase of especial economic area in South Pars. It has five parts and is built in 88 hectares. MPC activities […]


Mines and Metals Development Investment Company

Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC) is a leading regional mining and metals group which focuses on exploring, mining, processing and marketing the mineral resources and metallic products in Iran. The group was established […]


Omid Investment Management Group Co.

Omid Investment Management Group Company (OIMGC), founded in 2001, is focused on steel, cement, oil and gas, financial services, real estate and petrochemical industries. In 2007, OIMGC became a public stock joint listed in Tehran […]


Week in Brief 16.02.2018

Devaluation of Iranian Rial and the fluctuations in Forex market have become the daily, even hourly, topic. On Tuesday, the Police stopped some foreign currencies’ speculators. The Central Bank of Iran said that every evening […]

Markets in Brief

Markets in Brief 16.02.2018

Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) started the week with a 0.2 percent fall in its overall index, TEPIX, however within the four days of trade TSE recovered its fall and eventually on Wednesday, TEPIX reached 98,348 […]


Non realistic tariffs create debt

Shargh Daily writes that recently, operators of high voltage power posts gathered in front of the Ministry of Power in order to amend their contracts. The producers of power industry equipment have a similar complaint: […]


Iran lifts import tax on tea

Ghanoon reports on the tax exemptions for tea importers which has angered domestic tea producers. Approximately, 100 thousand tons of tea is exported into the country annually of which nearly 30 thousand tans is smuggled […]