Monetary strategies explain the rise in vehicle tariffs

In an article, Shargh Newspaper pointed to currency management strategies as the main cause of the 800% increase in the tariff of imported hybrid vehicles. Even though the effect of these vehicles in reducing air pollution is clear, it seems that currency management strategy has taken priority. Amir Hossein Ghanati, Head of the Auto Industry Division at the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade has confirmed that annually 2 billion dollars leave the country due to automobile imports. Due to limitations in foreign currency, the Central Bank has placed priority on importing other goods rather than automobiles. In spite of the jump in import tariffs for hybrid vehicles from 5% to 40%, Mr. Ghanati believes that the 35% difference in import tariffs between hybrid and gasoline powered vehicles has remained the same. Currently the import tariff for gasoline vehicles varies from 55% to 95% depending on their engine displacement.

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